Tune in. Turn on. Upgrade.


As we all know, technology moves so quickly that we often don't even realize that we need to take the time to catch up. Think about how much we, as a society frequent the Internet. What would happen if it stopped working or didn't work adequately? (In reality, we would all live, but think about the chaos and distress of our technology-based culture!)

In a sense, this is what happens when your browser is not up to date. Upgrading your browser is best thing that you can do as far as user-experience goes. Older browsers (such as Internet Explorer) not only fail to support many newer applications such as flash and updated typefaces on a snazzy website, but also put you at risk for contracting viruses and subjecting your computer to security issues. Internet Explorer also has a less frequent updating system, which will hold back many websites' capabilities and may also render what you should see on the screen differently than what the site actually looks like.

This simple solution could do outstanding things for users, agencies and clients alike. Users will then be able to see what is being marketed to them, agencies will be spending less time programming for platforms that are virtually obsolete, and clients will be spending less money. Learning new platforms can be challenging at times, but these browsers are built to create a user-friendly experience. You will definitely be glad and be able to brag about your web-savvy self.

Liz Joyce
written by LIZ JOYCE
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