Humanizing an 80-year-old Manufacturer for a New Generation


In a digital world, it is easy to lose sight of the pivotal role manufacturing plays in all of our lives. Innovations in chemistry, engineering, fabrication and physical applications sometimes take a back seat to the latest mobile app or virtual experience.

BAND-IT is a storied Denver-based manufacturer of stainless steel band clamps. They are the Kleenex of their industry, and have largely relied on reputation for business development. In recent years, international competition has begun to chip away at their market share. To better differentiate their offering, and begin to cross-pollinate within industry verticals, BAND-IT needed a refreshed brand messaging platform that evolved them from a commodity to an engineering solution.

Through internal and external interviews, competitive research and online keyword analysis, two pillars quickly emerged to serve as the new foundation for BAND-IT’s messaging.

  • Ubiquitous. Municipalities who purchased BAND-IT products for stop signs and traffic lights had no idea that the same band clamps were securing fiber optic cable at the bottom of the ocean and connecting hydraulic landing gear on the space shuttle. BAND-IT products fasten anything and everything imaginable around the globe.
  • Harsh-Duty. The company’s fiercest competition comes from contract manufacturers in China, where cheap steel makes it easy to create a less expensive version of their eponymous clamp. But BAND-IT wasn’t interested in winning a price war. Their engineers wanted to make a product that withstood highly corrosive environments, extreme heat, cold and pressure, and could be relied upon in mission critical applications where lives depend on a fail-proof fastening solution.

We created a new tagline/rallying cry to permeate all internal and external language moving forward:

Essentially Everywhere

This philosophy informed the entire brand messaging platform, the design and architecture of the website, content and case studies across all services and industries, and a roadmap of marketing deliverables to be rolled out over the next year.
The website launched on time, the week before BAND-IT’s 80th anniversary celebration. In addition to the beautiful, progressive design, fresh copywriting and UX, the new site was built to perform. We solved a host of technical SEO issues, combining previously separate North American and EU versions to eliminate duplicate content, and applied a targeted keyword strategy across principal pages. Four weeks after launch, visits are up, form fills are up and keyword rankings are up. But the most exciting metric is that organic traffic is up 400%.

Lisa Hillmer-Poole

Lisa Hillmer-Poole is the VP of Accounts at Carbon8 with more than 18 years of combined agency and in-house marketing experience. Lisa partners with Senior Agency Management, Account Managers and clients to strategize, develop and execute long-range communications and digital marketing plans. Serving as liaison between her team and Development, Design, Search, and Senior Agency Management, Lisa plays a key role in developing the next generation of account management talent at Carbon8.

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