What’s Your One Big Idea?

Who are you? It may be one of the most difficult and important questions in marketing. We’ll help you answer that question with one big idea and then build a brand on it.

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Brand Messaging Services

We are not interested in the obvious when it comes to crafting brand identities. To us, there is no de facto brand story, voice or visual representation based on your industry or business model. Everyone has a unique story and when we examine your industry, company, competition, products and customers, our branding insights are informed by real experience.

Together we will uncover your brand's formula for success by defining:

  • Who is your target market?
  • What are their needs?
  • How are you fulfilling them better than the competition?
  • Why will your customer care and believe?
  • What are the measurable success factors for marketing (customer retention, revenue achievement, media mentions, awards, etc.)?

Visual Identity

Every great company needs a killer brand identity to match. Your visual identity is all you get when it comes to representing your company's voice and reputation. It's safe to say that you want to make it count! As your brand marketing agency, 9thWonder ensures your brand is carefully crafted to accurately represent your business and resonate with your intended customer base.

Whether you're starting from scratch or revamping an existing brand, we will create unique and memorable brand identity packages from logos through brand guides and print materials.


"9thWonder created an award-winning website and brand that contributed to the early success of our startup and our ability to attract new customers. 9thWonder has been a responsive, creative and valuable partner during the formative years of our company.”

– Chuck Miller, Business Manager at picoSpin


Logo design starts at $5,000

Pricing can increase depending on number of concepts and rounds of revisions necessary.

Naming and positioning starts at $10,000

Pricing can increase depending on number of options and rounds of revisions necessary, as well as deliverables desired for positioning documentation.

Why do we show pricing?

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