Win the Micro-Moments that Count with Paid Search

Relevant keywords combined with smart creative lead to more conversions

While the theory is simple, it’s the process that trips up most companies. What makes relevant paid search keywords relevant? What kind of content is most likely to convert? There’s only one way to find out, and there’s no shortcut to get there – research, research, research. 9thWonder can help you know your audience, what they’re looking for, how they look for it and what makes them convert.

Need some help getting started with Paid Search?

PPC for WriteyBoard

WriteyBoard asked us to take over their existing paid search campaign selling their unique brand of stick-on, paint-on and traditional whiteboards.

Writey Board case study

Results: Our Campaign Compared to Previous Campaign

97% Increase in conversions

74% Decrease in cost per conversion

50% Increase in items sold

We Believe in Pricing Transparency

Paid Search Implementation starts at $1,500

Includes campaign setup, keyword research, ad creation and bid strategy for up to 5 ad groups.

Monthly management charge is the higher of $1500 or 20% of campaign spend. Cancel any time.

Includes campaign optimization, bid management, and reporting.