Optimize Your Website to be the Lead Generation Tool You Always Intended it to Be

All too often we see companies spend a ton of money and an even greater amount of time creating a website only to wash their hands of it when it's launched. But do you really know what's working on your site? What did your redesign improve? Are you seeing more, qualified leads?  If you've never analyzed and tested your website, you have no idea.

9thWonder offers website conversion optimization, a series of analyses and testing to ensure your website is not only usable, but operating at its peak. Following a methodology of continual, incremental improvement, our conversion optimization process produces measurable results for every client.



Setting and

Goal setting and health monitoring are the foundation for any methodical improvement practice. We will work with you to set up measurable goals and do the ground work to start tracking your site's performance and goal achievement.



We're all about continual improvement, but there are always obvious opportunities that you can capitalize on right away. 9thWonder offers a complete analysis of the current state of your website, identifying specific areas for improvement within your home page, site architecture, page structure, navigation, consistency and calls to action.



Google Analytics can be a powerful tool with proper setup and and the expertise to interpret the data. 9thWonder will take a deep dive into your analytics to find areas for improvement. While analytics can tell us who, what and where, only usability testing can tell us why. Google Analytics helps us determine the specific tasks for our testers to execute in order to maximize under-performing pages.



Everyone thinks they know how visitors navigate and interact with their website, but most have no idea. 9thWonder will conduct usability tests on your website with your target audience to really get a sense of what people think of your site, how they perceive your brand and where they're struggling to complete tasks. Usability testing can be conducted at any time. See how usability testing works.

Conversion Optimization Case Study

Our primary goal when creating aWhere's new website was to maximize the potential for conversions with each stage of the funnel in mind. With our conversion optimization solution, 9thWonder combined our UX and Search teams to provide aWhere with these great results.

Results (Year post launch compared to year prior):

  • 557% increase in on-site conversions
  • 34% increase in average time on conversion pages
  • 74% decrease in bounce rate on conversion pages


Google Analysis and goal setting services start at $3,500

Includes discovering goals and measureable KPIs and milestones, monitoring of those goals and conversions for an identified period, and a Google Analytics audit evaluation, including a specific issue identification list.

Website Analysis services start at $3,750

Includes a full website audit from the 9thWonder team, a presentation of findings, site architecture and page layout recommendations, as well as development of updated page wireframes when needed. 

Usability Testing starts at $5,000

Includes test planning, set up and analysis of 5 remote, unmoderated tests with users within your target audience. A findings presentation, highlight reel and site improvement recommendations are also included.

Why do we show pricing?


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