Take Guesswork Out of the Equation

Congratulations, you’ve just taken the first step in improving the performance of your website by learning more about usability testing services from 9thWonder. Whether your website, web or native app is live or still in the planning stages, it’s always a good time to test.

Usability testing allows you to go from guessing to knowing exactly how your target audience moves through your website, what content they’re looking for and, most importantly, WHY. There is no online survey, heat map or click report that can tell you WHY users do what they do on your site.


Test Early, Test Often

We can help you test users on any device: desktop computers, tablets and/or mobile devices. We can direct testers to any website, web or native app, prototype or competitor site as long as it is a live web link/native app. The possibilities are limitless. We strongly recommend testing wireframes/prototypes and design concepts frequently before going live for the best possible product.

Five users are all you need to determine the majority, nearly 80% actually, of the existing issues on your site. We would much rather have you test more frequently with fewer users than blow your budget on one large, mostly redundant set of users. If there are any issues still in debate after 5 users, we can always run more tests.

How It Works

The first step is to understand the background of your project and initial goals, as well as the current areas of contention/uncertainty you’d like to resolve. A 9thWonder UX Expert will review your site and any analytics available to identify potential areas to test.

Together, we’ll determine a test plan containing up to 15 tasks and questions for our five users to complete. We will determine demographics and screening questions to recruit your target audience.

UX Report

A 9thWonder UX expert will evaluate your Usability Test results and provide a report containing common themes, quotations, screenshots and/or user flows to illustrate the key takeaways from the test, as well as list of action items for improvement. A video highlight reel will also be provided to watch and share with team members.

“Our company is in the business of presenting large amounts of data in an intuitive format for our users.  9thWonder is the driving force behind the graphical presentation of our data.  For our clients that means less time getting to the information that matters most.  For us, that means a better client experience and a ‘Wow!’ factor that leads to increased sales.”

– Constance Anderson, President, Member XP (Formerly MemberShoppers)


Usability Testing starts at $5,000

Includes test planning, setup and analysis of 5 remote, unmoderated user tests within your target audience. A findings presentation, highlight reel and site improvement roadmap are also included.

Why do we show pricing?

Want to see how customers are really using your site?