New Name and Brand for FileMaker Developers

New Millennium had been in business for more than 30 years and looked the part. Its messaging and identity gave the impression the company was stuck in the 90s and growth was very slow. The company provided financial consulting and accounting software services and while well-known and respected within a small community, they wanted to break free of perceptions, the past, and find a way to new growth.

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The company came to 9thWonder originally asking to find a way to reposition the company as a services firm for financial and business intelligence. However, as we reviewed the competition, the marketplace and spoke with their customers, we found that their real opportunity was in the FileMaker market they were already in, and that their reputation and awareness in that space were the true roadblocks. The company was perceived as old news, non-innovative and stable.


Brand Strategy

A new name, identity, positioning and messaging focused on the idea that Codence brings software combined with custom development to break down data silos and bring true business intelligence to an organization.

The name, identity and messaging conveyed a new confidence yet no-nonsense approach with a tagline of “make sense” that conveyed the duality of being grounded in common sense and the opportunity to “make cents” as an outcome of working with Codence.

Authority Brands


The new brand identity and website launched in February of 2019. 

The CEO, Scott Love, reported “Early indications are that this brand relaunch is having more of a positive impact than we could have even imagined.”

I’m so proud to give someone my business card and know they are going to visit a great website. You took us from atrocious to best in class.


  • Website Traffic up 127% 
  • 62% more users 

Organic Traffic Trending up every month since launch

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