New Website for Online Price Monitoring Tool

Mapp Trap is an online tool that allows you to monitor, identify and enforce online pricing policies. Its inventor, The Creditors Network, was seeing a great deal of growth and opportunity with the new product. In the past, online, MAPP Trap and The Creditors Network exist side-by-side on the existing Creditors Network website even though the two services were largely serving distinct audiences.

In order to create a compelling, clean and simple message and experience to MAPP Trap prospects and customers, 9thWonder recommended separating the two services onto their own websites. We focused on drafting search-optimized content, and designing a modern, straightforward standalone website for MAPP Trap. We built the new site on the Kentico CMS, a .NET platform, that enabled The Creditors Network to interface with existing user accounts.
As a result of the new user-optimized site, and SEO-enhanced development and content, MAPP Trap has experienced a noticeable uptick in web leads.

Visit the MAPP Trap Website