Naming, Branding and Total Online Services for a New Product Launch

The team behind Relever approached 9thWonder with a brand new product. Medical research shows that tension headaches and neck pain can be attributed to tension in the jaw muscles, and stretching these muscles can be an effective alternative to traditional medication in easing this pain. Unfortunately, there was no product on the market that was designed to deliver targeted stretching to these muscles, and that was affordable and easy to use - so the Relever team created one, and challenged 9thWonder to develop the pieces necessary to bring it to market.

9thWonder was able to successfully manage multiple concurrent projects on an aggressive timeline. The Relever project ultimately resulted in concise, consistent messaging explaining a difficult concept, beautiful creative that reflected the uniqueness of the product, and a high-quality website with eCommerce capability tailored to multiple diverse audiences.

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Relever came to 9thWonder with a defined business plan. They had produced an initial run of 5,000 units and were aiming to sell them through independent retailers across the front range, supplemented by online sales to customers in the US. If the first phase of sales was successful, the goal was then to sell the product in pharmacies, grocery stores, and other big-box retailers across the country.


The primary challenge behind this product was the fact that it didn’t fit into any existing categories. There were no direct competitors, and the concept behind stretching your jaw to relieve a tension headache isn’t easy to explain. The product is a unique shape - you can’t tell what it’s for just by looking at it. From a digital perspective, they were starting from the beginning.


When 9thWonder began working with the Relever team, the product didn’t even have a name. In order to make this product launch successful, 9thWonder offered its entire suite of services and created:

  • Product name and logo
  • Brand messaging
  • Packaging design
  • Website design and development
  • Instructional video
  • Ongoing SEO and PPC campaign management

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