Custom Web Development
for United Launch Alliance

You may have seen the nationwide excitement around the United Launch Alliance launch, providing a public view into the fascinating and complex business of building a rocket. We extend our congratulations to ULA’s RocketBuilder team, and share our excitement at being a partner in the design and build of the application. 9thWonder and ULA worked closely to establish and perfect the design and programming of the dynamic and engaging website, creating an interactive tool that allows customers and rocket enthusiasts alike to build a rocket as simply as building a car online. A unique blend of 9thWonder's custom web development experience with technology, design and functionality contributed to the highly publicized and flawless launch.

The Results was unveiled at a live press conference that ULA also streamed via its YouTube channel. On the first day, the site saw:

  • 8,063 sessions
  • 7,443 users
  • 21.88% bounce rate among users (Meaning about 78% of users navigated further into the site after landing on the homepage).

The launch received positive feedback from the industry, public and media, earning positive social media posts and coverage in publications such as The Washington Post, The Verge, Mashable and CBS News, among many others.  

About the Rocket Builder provides customers more transparency when purchasing a rocket in terms of costs and savings tied to ULA’s three value pillars: unmatched reliability, schedule certainty and orbit optimization. Users are in complete control of their build and have full access to the information and costs associated with variables like the spacecraft’s mass, launch date, orbit and service levels. This transparency is unheard of in launch business. It will revolutionize the industry, making space more accessible, affordable and commercialized.